Level Access Shower Adaptation

Client Type
Private Customer
Complete level-access shower adaptation with additional features.
Lead Time
8 weeks from initial contact to installation
Installation Time
10 working days from start to completion

The Requirements

Mr & Mrs E. contacted Clearwell with the requirements of adapting their bathroom with traditional bath with overhead shower to a level access shower to assist with the customer’s progressive medical condition. The specification also called for re-decoration of the bathroom after the work had been completed and the reversing of the door to open out into the hallway. The toilet and sink unit were to be retained to be reused in the bathroom and additoonal handrails were aso required to be fitted.

The installation of the level access shower also required cladding of the shower walls with hygenic sheet as well as the installation of treated floorring and drainage solutions inline withe shower design.

The Solution

Clearwell produced an estimated quotation for the entire project which included the requirements of Mr & Mrs E. with a suitable shower unit chosen and installed along with the other rewquiremnts.

The shower unit and all related plumbing measures were installed on site and walls and flooring cladded and finished off to the customers desired requirements. In addition to the installation of the level access shower, the supply of plastic grab rails, padded fold down seat with arm supports and bi-folding doors were also included to complete the bathroom to the customers requirements.

The bathroom door was also reversed to allow for extra space within the bathroom for the customer.

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