Joint Assessments

We are happy to attend any assessments with your clients to discuss our range of products. These Joint Assessments can be crucial in determining the most suitable product for your clients needs and allow all avenues to be explored, significantly reducing the amount of time between initial contact and supply.

We are able to offer 2 different types of Joint Assessment to suit you and your clients needs.

Physical Assessments


Traditional assessments are undertaken in person at the clients home or at a similar venue with both our assessor yourself present. This allows us to physically check measurements and requirements for the customer.

There are scenarios when this isn’t always possible due to infection control, restricted access or location.

Virtual Assessment


Virtual assessments follow the same principals of the Physical Assessment but our assessor will be present via video call rather than attending in person. Our assessor will guide you through the measurements we require and will discuss all other aspects of the product with yourself and the client.

This type of assessment is ideal for situations where our attendance is not possible. However, it does require an internet connection being in place at the clients location.

To request a Joint Assessment with one of our trained assessors or surveyors please register an account here.
Once you have registered you will be able to complete a form to request a Joint Assessment and see all your upcoming appointments and quotations in your Account Dashboard.